"Mr Selfridge" Series 1 Episode Guide

First shown in the UK 6th January 2013 and in the USA 31st March 2013

Episode 1
Flamboyant Harry Selfridge, after transforming Chicago's Marshall Field's into a modern department store, realises London needs a similar one. He decides to build the biggest and finest department store in the world at the "dead end" of Oxford Street, but his business partner Mr Waring pulls out of the project.  This actually happened, and was announced in the London Gazette. Via a pressman he receives help from socialite Lady Mae Loxley and her contacts, one of whom invests. With his wife, four children and his mother arriving in London, Selfridge begins to assemble his staff as the building is completed in record time. Months after inadvertently getting Agnes Towler fired from Gamage's for "conduct unbecoming" (she let him behind the counter while he was looking to purchase a pair of gloves), he hires her for Selfridge's.
(Directed by Jon Jones, written by Andrew Davies British viewing figures for this episode 9.36 million)

Episode 2
An initial lack of customers forces Harry Selfridge to think of ways of attracting people to his new London department store. He persuades the first man to fly across the English Channel, French aviator Louis Blériot, to make a personal appearance along with the aircraft in which he made his historic flight. Meanwhile, Harry's infatuation with music-hall artiste Ellen Love results in their being caught in a compromising situation. His marriage comes under threat when Rose agrees to pose for young bohemian artist Roddy Temple. Agnes gets her brother George a job as a porter and abusive father Reg foists himself on them. Victor Colleano is propositioned by a well-to-do customer in the store's restaurant.
(Directed by Jon Jones, written by Andrew Davies British viewing figures for this episode 8.95 million)

Actor Jeremy Piven stars as the owner and founder of Londons Selfridges Mr Harry Gordon Selfridge

he senior staff of Selfridges on the TV Drama Mr Selfridge - Photo ITV

Episode 3
Harry installs Ellen Love in an apartment. Watching her apply make-up, he decides to open a new cosmetics department at the front of the store, not hidden away, and tasks Henri Leclair to create a house perfume. Agnes – sporting a black eye from her violent father – is asked to assist in creating a perfume for ordinary women. Lady Mae helps Rosalie, Harry's eldest daughter, enter society and applies pressure on Harry over his personal affairs. Rose Selfridge learns of the apartment from Lady Mae.
(Directed by John Strickland, written by Kate Brooke British viewing figures for this episode 7.60 million)

Episode 4
Miss Bunting is sacked for theft and Miss Ravillious appointed as the new head of fashion, ruffling a few feathers. Selfridge takes his wife and eldest daughter to see iconic dancer Anna Pavlova; she is invited to visit his store for a publicity event, and to take tea with his wife. Ellen Love, feeling neglected, arrives during the event and tries to share the limelight with Pavlova but is made to leave. Agnes' drunken father makes a scene at the event. Roddy and his bohemian friends delay Rose Selfridge with the result that she misses the tea altogether.
(Directed by John Strickland, written by Kate O'Riordan British viewing figures for this episode 7.73 million)

Selfridge and Co sign

Selfridges Department Store sign, 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB

Episode 5
Agnes has resigned following her father's drunken antics at the store. Selfridge goes to her home to mend matters; she is reinstated and he confronts her father. Selfridge becomes disturbed by memories of his own abusive father. Ellen Love, becoming irrational, visits Rose to reveal the affair. Selfridge discovers the painting of his wife and wonders about her relationship with the artist, Roddy. Theft in the loading bay where George works is discovered. Henri Leclair is pleased Agnes has returned; she falls out with Victor, who is beginning to ingratiate himself with Lady Mae. Selfridge and his wife finally confront one another; he flees to his club and a showdown with Ellen Love. Overwhelmed with sorrow, Selfridge crashes his car while drunk.
(Directed by Anthony Byrne, written by Kate Brooke British viewing figures for this episode 7.76 million)

Episode 6
Mr Harry Selfridge is in a coma from the car crash. Ellen Love is recovering from a botched suicide attempt by drug overdose. Mr Grove – recently bereaved – returns from leave to take charge and his first decision is to ban Lady Mae's suffragettes from meeting in the store. Lady Mae has begun an affair with Victor and he is cold to Agnes; Henri Leclair would like to become her suitor. Selfridge's young son Gordon goes alone to the store, learning he alone will inherit it someday. Ellen thinks about selling her story to the press but is forestalled by an offer from Frank Edwards. The staff must appease the angry suffragettes.
(Directed by Anthony Byrne, written by Kate Brooke British viewing figures for this episode 7.79 million)

An early 1900's London bus

The attention to detail, like the inclusion of this early 1900's London bus, makes the Mr Selfridge TV drama more enjoyable - photo ITV

Episode 7
Selfridge welcomes author and spiritualist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (John Sessions) to a Sherlock Holmes book signing and Selfridge agrees to his request to hold a séance in the store. The séance raises the hopes of Miss Mardle but upsets Lois Selfridge. Doris takes pity on Miss Bunting whose sacking has landed her in poverty. Kitty has a secret admirer – but not the one she hoped for. Agnes transfers from accessories to women's fashion. Lady Mae helps Selfridge win over the bankers in order to make a share issue; she also chaperones Rosalie Selfridge into high society.
(Directed by Anthony Byrne, written by Kate O'Riordan British viewing figures for this episode 7.78 million)

Episode 8
Selfridge's old family friend Frank Winfield Woolworth (Michael Brandon) and his wife arrive in London to open a "pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap" store in competition and Selfridge decides to counter with a mid-season sale in every department. Lady Mae proposes suitors for Rosalie and the Selfridges attend one of her soirées at which Roddy is also a guest. Kitty and Doris are rivals for the position of senior assistant subject to interview by Mr Grove. Selfridge refuses to write a reference for Miss Bunting. Agnes has supper with Henri Leclair. Victor's dream of his own restaurant diminishes with Lady Mae's lack of interest. Roddy's attention is proving a nuisance to Rose Selfridge.
(Directed by Michael Keillor, written by Kate Brooke British viewing figures for this episode 7.71 million)

Selfridges Mr Selfridge braving the London rain

Selfridges' Department Store owner Mr Harry Gordon Selfridge played by Jeremy Piven

Episode 9
Selfridge invites Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton (Mark Dexter) to give a lecture in the store. The staff are late arriving for work due to a body on the Underground track and Selfridge is shocked to discover he might be responsible. Frank Edwards loses his job and seeks employment from Selfridge, but is denied it. Roddy Temple's attention to Rosalie results in Harry confronting him. Miss Ravillious discovers the affair between Agnes and Leclair just as his old flame, Valerie Maurel (Joséphine de La Baume), returns with a job offer from New York. Doris Miller takes tea with Mr Grove to remember Miss Bunting.
(Directed by Michael Keillor, written by Kate O'Riordan British viewing figures for this episode 7.40 million)

Episode 10
King Edward VII (David Calder) is invited to attend an after hours shopping spree arranged by Lady Mae. In return the King invites the Selfridges to the opening of Ellen Love's new play, to Rose's dismay. Doris Miller is engaged and Miss Mardle is shocked to discover the identity of her fiancé. Henri Leclair tenders his resignation. George Towler invites Kitty Hawkins to the cinema and Agnes Towler renews her friendship with Victor Colleano. The Selfridges and Lady Mae find that the play is a satire with additions to the script by Frank Edwards, bitterly ridiculing them all. Ashamed, Rose Selfridge takes the children back to America. Harry Selfridge is now the King of Oxford Street but estranged from his wife and children.
(Directed by Michael Keillor, written by Andrew Davies British viewing figures for this episode 7.73 million)

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