"Mr Selfridge" Series 3 Episode Guide

ITV London announced that it had commissioned ITV Studios to film a Third series of the popular period TV drama set in 1918 - 1919, "Mr Selfridge" to be aired in Sunday 25th January 2015

Mr Selfridge Season three

The cast of the TV period drama based on Selfridges Department Store in London for season 3

Episode 1
May 1918 The funeral of Rose, Harry's dear wife, who has died, takes place and a distraught Harry says goodbye. Spring 1919 Selfridge's daughter Rosalie marries Serge De Bolotoff, Russian son of Princess Marie (Zoe Wanamaker), an aviator with ideas to promote a new aerodrome in West London; a site also proposed as homes for returning soldiers. Lord Loxley returns to revenge himself on Selfridge. Dissent in the loading bay between the women and returning men from war pose a problem, Victor Colleano is paying bribes to the police to turn a blind eye to activities in his club, and George Towler resigns to work with him. Henri Leclair returns from France and he and Agnes marry. (British viewing figures for this episode 4.23 million)

Episode 2
Selfridge's pursuit of the new homes project is thwarted by Crabb's statement to the company board regarding its viability. The biggest post war fashion event at the store proves a challenge for the staff; and during a heated exchange, Selfridge fires Thackeray, leaving Henri and Agnes to save the situation with unexpected help from Selfridge's daughter Violette. Lord Loxley sees a way to make trouble for Selfridge by investing in Serge's aerodrome plans. Henri, suffering from shell shock, takes to drinking at Colleano's club. (British viewing figures for this episode 3.99 million)

The villain of the TV show Mr Selfridge is lord Loxley

The villain of the TV show Mr Selfridge is lord Loxley played by Aidan McArdle

Episode 3
Selfridge personally pays off the women in the loading bay made surplus by the returning men. Proceeding with his plan to buy land for housing, he finds himself bidding against Lord Loxley (who attends the auction with the intent to inflate the price) and pays double what he had intended. Henri has a very public row with Agnes in one of the store's front display windows. Lois, Selfridge's mother, instigates an investigation into the background of Princess Marie. Kitty gets her sister, Connie, a job at Selfridges to get her out of her house, where she is annoying her husband, Frank Edwards, way who has started a book about out of work ex-soldiers that has an unintended consequence for his wife when she is attacked. (British viewing figures for this episode 4.56 million)

Episode 4
To catch Kitty's attackers, her husband has to reveal his involvement with the men, causing a strain on their marriage. Another marriage under strain is Rosalie' who has to pay her husband's gambling debts after Lord Loxley, having used him to get at Selfridge pulls out of his project. To save her marriage Agnes resigns to take Henri out of London to recuperate. Grove decides to operate undercover male security within the store. Violette frequents Colleano's nightclub as does her brother Gordon with store girl Grace. After helping the police, Colleano hopes to stop paying protection money to crooked police officers. A lonely Selfridge propositions Nancy Webb. (British viewing figures for this episode 3.81 million)

Mr Selfridge's Victor Colleano

Victor Colleano now runs a Jazz club having left Selfridges store

Episode 5
Selfridge seeks a new store deputy from his staff, placing Miss Mardle and Mr Grove in direct competition. A reluctant Gordon is persuaded by Miss Calthorpe to apply. The fallout from the attack on Kitty Edwards is exploited by Lord Loxley with a plan for a charitable foundation for former soldiers that would also raise his own dubious reputation. Selfridge counters by advancing his and Nancy Webb's plans for the Selfridge estate. Lois Selfridge confronts Princess Marie about her debts. Doris Grove confides in Miss Mardle as to the real father of her son. Colleano's club is raided by the police and he and Violette are arrested. (British viewing figures for this episode 4.18 million)

Episode 6
Selfridge sells some of his stock, losing sole control of the store to raise cash for his and Nancy Webb's Selfridge estate. Victor Colleano is approached to have gambling in his club by a man that will get the police off his back. Mr Grove is not happy being passed over for promotion and lets Gordon, the new store deputy, give the new head of display approval for a new window display not realizing the embarrassment that it will cause. Kitty Edwards, realizing her husband is powerless to stop Lord Loxley helping the men who attacked her, seeks George Towler's help to resolve the situation. Miss Mardle's attempt to help Doris Grove and the real father of her baby goes disastrously wrong. (British viewing figures for this episode 4.14 million)

Mr Selfridge's Miss Mardle

Miss Mardle returns to work at Selfridges Department Store

Episode 7
Selfridge's relationship with Nancy Webb deepens and she has doubts about her own plans when Lord Loxley, who has purchased the stock Selfridge sold, tries to undermine him at a board meeting. Loxley, to demand a seat on the board, has also acquired Rosalie's shares through Serge, and Selfridge's fury with him is only placated by the news of Rosalie's pregnancy. George Towler is unhappy that Colleano is turning a blind eye to drug taking at the club and walks out. Grove questions why his wife died and a guilt ridden Miss Mardle reveals the paternity of his son, Earnest, and he orders her to take the baby away. (British viewing figures for this episode 3.98 million)

Episode 8
Late June 1919 The peace Treaty of Versailles is signed and Selfridge decides to hold a "Britain at Play" event to promote the store; he appoints Frank Edwards as head of print and publications. Lord Loxley heads a group of shareholders examining Selfridges's plans. Colleano decides to make his club a members only gambling establishment, which requires the backing of Regan, the man who has been keeping the police off his back. George Towler convinces Mr Grove to reunite his children, including Earnest. Miss Calthorpe realizes she has no future with Gordon Selfridge. Nancy Webb's plans begin to unravel when she accepts a proposal of marriage from Selfridge. (British viewing figures for this episode 3.64 million)

Mr Selfridge's season 3 cast

The cast of Mr Selfrige for Season three

Episode 9
To make good his promise to shareholders to increase profits, Selfridge announces a massive sale. Bad publicity engendered by rival stores is exploited by Lord Loxley, who convenes an emergency board meeting. Lord Loxley reads of the forthcoming marriage of Lady Mae. George Towler is re-employed as head of security following an approach to Mr Grove by Miss Mardle. Colleano is under pressure from Regan to make more money from the club's clientele. Nancy Webb's secret partner, unhappy with her plans to marry Selfridge, is discovered by Princess Marie, whose own fortune has taken an upturn. (British viewing figures for this episode 3.88 million)

Episode 10
Selfridge survives a vote of no-confidence engineered by Lord Loxley. Gordon chooses Miss Calthorpe against his father's wishes. Mr Grove and Miss Mardle are reconciled. Nancy Webb confesses to Selfridge when her secret partner, her brother, is arrested and Selfridge ends their relationship despite her professing her love for him. Violette is again rejected by Victor Colleano and she goes to Paris to await a proposal of marriage from Jacques de Sibour, an airman friend of Serge. Lord Loxley sells his shares to a mysterious backer intent on owning the store. (British viewing figures for this episode 3.96 million)