Who made the TV drama Mr Selfridge ?

Independent Television Studios known more simply as ITV Studios is a British TV production and distribution company. They bought the film rights to the popular book "Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge" by Lindy Woodhead. ITV Studios makes over 3,500 hours of television films, drama, comedy shows, documentaries, chat shows, soap dramas, reality programs, quiz and competition shows every year. They have offices around the globe and many of their British TV programs are purchased for local transmission. These international offices also make TV shows for their domestic audience. They have been entertaining TV audiences for over 50 years. Shows that do well in the UK are licensed to TV companies abroad, where they produce a new show based on the same idea but using local actors, guests and members of the public.

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Independent Television Studios known as ITV Studios made Mr Selfridge the TV period drama

The production of this latest period drama by ITV Studios was part funded by the American TV channel and production company called PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). Their mission statement is to create content that educates, informs and inspires. I think the TV show Mr Selfridge ticks those three boxes easily. PBS is a non profit private company established in 1969. They produce shows for all ages and cover topics such as Health, history, science, technology, parenting, current affairs, Art, entertainment, different cultures and society

PBS American Public Broadcasting Service part funded the production of Mr Selfridge

PBS the American Public Broadcasting Service part funded the production of Mr Selfridge